About Us

Our Story

mohadrat.com seeks to be a distinguished model in the field of training and administrative and technical consultations
Specialized training courses, drawing on the expertise of the most important consultants and administrative developers
Outstanding capabilities and expertise Arabs and foreigners
Our programs are characterized by creativity, innovation, continuous renewal, access to best practices, and provision of solutions
 Training in world-class companies and services in Arabic and English for institutions
 Governmental and private.
 We seek to contribute to the development and training of human resources in various fields to develop skills
 And capabilities, and training individuals to face problems and difficulties and develop solutions for their career success.
And so we have made training our craft, our hobby and our skills that we are always keen to provide with specialization.
 And professionalism, and through the use of the most prominent administrative, leadership and self-development consultants in all
 Specializations, because we realize that the aspirations of institutions can be achieved by increasing the effectiveness of
Our employees and their development, therefore we offer solutions and training courses for various job levels.
 That enables individuals to develop their own capabilities and prepare to face the challenges of the future through
 Care and development of individuals for their skills and self-abilities.